Breaking Free from a Monster


Breaking Free from a Monster
Breaking Free from a Monster

I suddenly heard from a friend that I haven’t seen or talked to for months a few days ago. I actually was starting to believe that she completely dropped me as a friend. So, imagine my surprise when I received an email and an invitation to call. I was not prepared for what I was about to hear. I had expected the usual small talk, excuses for absences and catching up questions, however, learning her tell me that she just literally narrowly escaped a destructive relationship — she left an abusive partner whom she’d been with for only 7 months. Apparently, she’s been out of touch with most of the people she knows, even her family, for the last few months.

In this day and age and with all the people I’ve encountered, this sort of thing is not new to me anymore. But to hear it happen to a close friend, it sent ripples of fear, disgust and anger combined down my spine. I, sometimes, surprise myself that I still find it shocking to hear that there are people who are capable of doing those kinds of things.

Physical abuse is a big no-no in my book (huge understatement). It’s sad to see that even people I know are not safe from it. Were they blinded by love? Ran on ignorance or foolishness? Did they begin to think that they are deserving of such treatment? Perhaps the answer to these questions is a YES or a NO or a MAYBE. Only these women know. Some are fortunate to be able to break free from the monster’s hold but some are not.

How can we reach out to these women? Will they listen to us? I’d like to hope that once we do speak up and provide them support, they’ll sit up and listen AND find the strength to leave that kind of life behind. What am I saying? That’s not life at all.

My friend found the strength to break free from an abusive partner. I reckon so can you.

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