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Don’t Forget the Friday Ark, or the Carnival of Cats either!

This is what happens to Kiri when we have 3 lots of visitors and a big car trip, he gets real tired. I wish I was asleep right now too!

Check out Tasha’sbeauty shot, I think she’s got it at A few of my favourite things

Check out Millie and Megot, the two subsitute kitties from a internet friendship visit at These days in french life

Check out Patchy Cat, we all know who is the real boss of the farm at farmgirl fare

Check out thekittythat tries so hard to help the stupid humans with there love lives, but will it ever work out? at Gigolo Kitty

Check out Bailey, I would stay there in her hidey hole too if I was her at The Moveable Feast Food Blog

Check out the little kangaroo Fridolin, and find out how he got his nickname at Rosa’s Yummy Yums

Check out a Recipe for a horserdish encrusted steak and see two disgruntled kitty lovers at Just Braise

Check out Aggie, I wonder if she will manage to pass on this piece of “culture” to any other kitties at Kayak soup

Check out the Mao I just hope he doesn’t get stuck like that heheheh at Kross Eyed Kitty

Check out the sleepy kitty G, I just want to know what he did to tire hisself out at Masak-Masak

Check out some more sleepy kitties, who know the best place to sleep at Peanut Butter and Purple Onions
To find a recipe for a fat cat check out Minou the 9 KG kitty ataliment
Check out the 2 very lucky fluffy feral females at Stalking the Waiter
All Hail King Lyle atBasic Juice
Check out all four kitties, including a wrestling hold and a HUGE BELLY atSweetnicks
Check out the biggest sumo wrestling Kitty of all at I got two shoes
Check out what happens when a kitty finds the box of his dream at The Westering Hills

*WARNING* Incredilbly cute newborn kitten alert, Gisele is finally a mummy at Anne’s Food

Check out Megot (for the second time this week) the amazing kitty heavy sleeper at A Pretty How Town

Check out Upsie Modeling her new hat, she doesn’t look awfuly impressed….. at What did you eat

Check out Foggy, you can nearly see right up his nose…. at Lo Spazio Di Staximo
Try and find le gros noir at Lali et Cie
Check out Opium who likes to help Mum whilst she is working at Cel’s Home Page
Check out Tilly, or at least try to find her at Frans Flavours
Check out K, the glosy black kitty in the sink at The Hungry Rose

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