Ways to save the Date

A save-the-date card is a non-traditional wedding reminder that lets guests know the date of an upcoming marriage far in advance. Generally the cards are sent six months to a year before the wedding, before the real invitations are mailed. There are plenty of beautiful store made save the date cards out there, but you can do it yourself if you let your inventive imagination go creatively wild. Magnets have become very popular within the last few years and a helpful reminder that your guests will look at daily. Bookmarks are my favorite: create a small document with a calendar, the date circled in red and the bride and groom's names, and "invitation to follow". Incorporate a gorgeous silk string to show that you are tying the knot.

Another simple do-it-yourself option is to print out save the date labels and send these to guests and ask them to place the sticker on their calendar on the date of your wedding. Get as creative as you like, small bottles filled with confetti to symbolize a celebration or a map to remind guests your wedding is at an exotic destination are original ideas. Like all of the wedding stationery you style as a couple should be reflected in the save-the-date card.

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