7 Ways to Avoid a Hangover ...


If you're not a fan of morning-after headaches and nausea, there are a number of ways to avoid a hangover. In fact, if you are planning on a night out, where a substantial amount of drinking may be involved, there are a number of things you can do before you even begin drinking which could help avoid a hangover. There are also things to bear in mind while you drink and after you’re done drinking. If you are really lucky you may even avoid a hangover altogether. Here are 7 ways to avoid a hangover.

1. Never Drink on an Empty Stomach

Make sure you have a good, substantial and healthy meal. You need to make sure your body is well prepared to absorb the alcohol you will be drinking and decrease the risk of any unpleasant effects later. Meals should contain carbohydrates such as bread and pasta and plenty of vitamin rich vegetables, vitamins B & C in particular, so a salad or fruit salad would be a good idea.

Make Sure You're Well Hydrated
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