9 Ways to a Celebrity Style Home ...


These shows that peek into the Hollywood homes of celebrities make me crazy. I may never be able to afford the three luxury cars, and just on principal alone I would pass on the pet leopard, even if I could afford it. But there are still things we can do so we don’t feel completely left off the lap of luxury. Transforming your cabin into a castle doesn’t have to be a completely bank bursting experience so here are 9 ways to a celebrity style home.

1. Chandelier Glamour

This is instant glamour. I love combing flea markets and antique shops and if I ever find that special second hand chandelier I’ll snap it up. Finding the perfect one for you will depend a lot on your personal tastes and the size of your room. Scale is important in a celebrity style home, so don’t over/under do it. Chandeliers are great no matter what your personal style is. For shabby chic go for a white matte paint job and for a modern turn, try painting it black.

Stunning Table
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