Valentine's Day - Unconventional or Hallmark?

By Gayla

I’ve been reading quite a bit on the upcoming Valentine’s holiday and frankly I’m surprised at just how many people say they actually opt for an unconventional more creative approach to the day dedicated to lovers.

Doesn’t that only happen in the movies?

Is it a situation where people would plan the holiday in an unconventional way if they could but tend to become more lazy as the actual day approaches and cave in to the Hallmark version?

Honestly, I’m happy and deeply touched that my husband takes the time to pick out a card that shows he actually read through them to find the perfect one and makes a small purchase to let me know that he remembered. He’s great that way!

I’ve even been lucky enough to have married a man that can actually remember our wedding anniversary. A BIG plus!

Deep down though, I’d love nothing more than being whisked away for a romantic weekend - preferably on the beach and someplace warm. I’d love nothing more than a break away from Indiana winters. But realistically, I don’t expect it!

So what I’d like to know is what people actually expect for Valentine’s versus what they would accept.

Realistically, **what do you think you’ll be doing for your lover this Valentine’s Day? **

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