Top 5 Valentine Gift Ideas for the Techie Partner


Top 5 Valentine Gift Ideas for the Techie Partner
Top 5 Valentine Gift Ideas for the Techie Partner

It’s that time of the year when we’ll hear the words “cupid”, “heart”, “love”, “roses”, “arrows”, etc. — it’s February and it’s the month for the lovers.

Gift-giving between partners have become a custom. For the romantics, their options are cards, chocolate and flowers. For the, er, less romantic (I’m staying neutral on this issue) here are my gift ideas to capture their hearts come Valentine’s Day.

On 5th place —
MP3 Players. An iPod is always a good choice me thinks. That way, you two won’t fight over which radio station or CD to listen to in the car.

4th place —
DVD Player. Indulge him with a way to watch all the movies he so longs to watch. You’ll probably get some snuggle-time on the couch while he enjoys his *new* DVD player. Ha.

3rd place —
Digital SLR. It will give you license to go on trips more so he can get to use this cool new toy. Quite honestly — I’m currently lusting over a Canon. Heh.

Runner up —
iPhone. Go, go, go! Splurge on that new smartphone that Apple introduced in the market! I’m sure your partner will kiss your feet. (For them it’s like touching Steve Job’s shirttail! Kidding. Kidding.)

Top Pick —
Wii. ’nuff said.

There you go. My top 5 picks for gift ideas. What do you think? Do you have your own list?

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