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Ukraine and 'the Talk' Day 114 ...

By Larissa

About a week ago, a group of dating and lifestyle bloggers -- including the lovely **Miss Velvet, Charming, and Foto Fox -- discovered that we were being ripped off. Long story short, we found out that a website (which I won't link to) was taking our posts and posting them in their entirety and passing them off as their own. No links to our sites, but there sure were a lot of Google ads up (so they were making money off our content). As if this isn't annoying/strange enough on it's own, it turns out that this 'women's website' is run by a guy... a guy based out of the Ukraine.

Uh, what?

When I said blogging would open me up to new worlds this is not what I had in mind.

Anyway, you can read the full dirt about it in this AP story. Craziness.

Now with that said, back to our original programming... ;-)


What we were talking about on Sunday reminded me of this:

Do you remember what prompted you to have the 'birds and the bees' discussion with your mom/dad?

I sure do.

I must have been in second or third grade. ****

Catherine, my nextdoor neighbor and best friend at the time, was over and we were building a fort out of boxes in my garage. She was a month older than me, and as such, she was the one that usually took the lead in our friendship. Afterall she always seemed to know more than I did.

The first time I saw porn?

Catherine. (We had snuck up into her older brother's bedroom and found his stash of Hustler and Penthouse underneath his bed).

Found out the truth about Santa Claus?

Catherine. (My dad dressed up as the jolly guy every Christmas Eve and would pay a visit to all of the kids on my block. I always felt sorry that Dad missed Santa every year -- why was he always out buying egg nog? -- until riding on the bus one day Catherine said, 'Yeah so why did your dad show up at my house last week dressed up like Santa Claus?' I shrugged my shoulders. Really? When Dad got home that evening I asked him to say 'Ho ho ho.' Try as he might, he couldn't fake it. Catherine had outed him.)

So naturally when Catherine told me I was wrong about how a woman and a man have sex, I believed her. I left the garage and found my mom in the kitchen.

'Mom, Catherine says that sex is when the man puts his thingy in the woman's back hole. But I thought it was the front one.'

Wow. Can you imagine a child coming at you with that one? How she kept a straight face I have no idea.

What about you? How'd 'the talk' come up for you?**

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