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Numbers play an unimaginably big role in our life. But when we talk about love – a magic of numbers becomes apparent with might and main. Do you want to know how to orient in arithmetic of tender feelings and control your passion with the help of numbers?****One

A man, who wants to meet a girl, visits all events – starting from discothèque in a night club and finishing with a reception in Great guild – alone. He doesn’t need a friend-rival near. Only very young and extremely diffident guys go hunting in a group, chuckling nervously and looking around quickly, searching for appropriate girlfriends. However, any man, even the shiest one and surrounded by a crowd of friends, will find an opportunity to stay alone quickly, as soon as some girl attracts his attention. And he’ll be expecting the same from you. In every female magazine you’re insistently advised not to take your friends with you everywhere and give him, your desired one, an opportunity to come and start a conversation. He also looks through these magazines. So don’t betray his expectations. One plus one equals a couple.

**2 months passed since your meeting – this is an occasion to begin considering you a real stable couple, especially if you always go to cinema, friends’ place, party or restaurant together! And no other names and variants occur both to you and him. You see each other no less than twice a week and spend weekends together. If for these two months you haven’t established such relationships, your affair is chance. And presence of intimate closeness plays no role here: there’s a lot of truth in an old joke that “sex is not an occasion for acquaintance yet”.

**Third is always not wanted here. Never attach somebody else to your couple. Third one in a couple can be only a common baby, playing a role of a connecting-link. A couple consists of two extremes and is an unstable number. Any third party – friend, your loved one’s friend, mother or mother-in-law – can damage balance between you and drag somebody across her side. Even married couples with long-term experience of family life feel some tension in relations and begin quarrelling after long communication with one guest. To avoid fatal influence of number “three” on your love, you don’t need to banish a friend, father-in-law or your own mother, who came to your place. You just should put a fourth empty cup on the edge of the table by chance, seat your boyfriend or husband near you, take his hand in your more often and keep close physical contact with him.

**Don’t put a number of flowers divisible by 4 (4, 8, 16) in your vase: according to some tokens, it is considered that such bouquet offers your dear one to go wherever he chooses. But if you want to part with your lover quietly, this receipt will be useful for you.

**Family psychologists think that only after 5 years of family life it’s possible to say whether your marriage is happy or not. Partners adjust themselves to each other during 5 years. For 5 years a particular atmosphere, peculiar only to this family, is created and then it will be difficult for you to correct something. For 5 years characters of married people open completely. By the way, 5 years together is also a good occasion to think about whether you like the man you’re living with?

**A happy and lucky number, as it consists of a sum of its divisors – 1+2+3=6. In numerology six is a symbol of Venus and protects loving couples. If you want to make your love stronger, arrange a romantic date on a sixth day of week, common journeys start on sixth number or in the sixth month of year. When you invite guests to your place, let it be 6 persons – 3 couples, and then all of you will become closer with your partners.

**If age difference between you and your partner is seven or less years, this means you belong to the same generation – you’re attracted by the same fashion, watch same movies, listen same singers. You have a lot to talk about.

Psychologists think that the luckiest marriages are entered between partners, belonging to the same generation. Their relations are not only love ones, but also friendly. In case when your partner is 14 years senior you (two times 7), then, most likely, he’ll treat you like a little girl for the whole life. Surely, this doesn’t mean your life will be bad, but it will be much more difficult for you to come to an understanding.

**If it’s 8 day after your meeting, and your new friend hasn’t called you yet, a chance of his interest to you equals zero. Even if he was sent to an urgent business-trip to Madagascar, he can call your cellular on his way to airport – is he wants. Should you call him yourself? Yes, now you can: you lose nothing, even if he considers you cheeky and importunate, - all the same he didn’t like you too much. And may be your insistence will touch his heart, you know, you like when somebody likes you, and he will feel sympathy for you, one step away from love?

**Nine is a number of wisdom. Did your boyfriend offer you living together or marrying him, but you hesitate and don’t know what to do? Take time-out for 9 days, think of nothing special, and a true decision will occur to you by itself in 9 days, like a fetus ripens in 9 months in a mother’s belly.

Why numbers are of importance for us

**In mystic numerology five is considered to be a lucky number for weddings, as it represents a sum of a female number 2 and male one 3. To help five to work, you may unite in matrimony in the fifth month of a year, good dates are – 5th, 15th or 25th, and also all others, which numbers form five in a sum: 14th, 24th and so on. **

We often think with images, i.e. imagine some pictures in our mind. And each number has such graphic, symbolic meaning for us.

One – loneliness, lonely tree, pride, all-sufficiency.

Two – two in love, married couple, scales, two halves of an apple, plus and minus, something unstable, discrepant, vacillating and gravitating to each other.

Three – not only a family of 3 persons, but also a love triangle.

Four – four sides of the world, will ,freedom, but at the same time 4 legs of chair and table – steadiness and reliability.

Five – 5 fingers of a hand or foot, a human figure – head, 2 hands and 2 legs, something rational and right, all-sufficient and well-arranged.

Six – a hexahedral ice crystal, snowflake, harmony, satiety and prosperity. In a company of 6 persons you still can keep common conversation and nobody will feel lonely.

Seven – right this quantity of words, numbers, concepts and names we can remember with ease, with only one mentioning, not memorizing, that’s why seven is considered to be a number of wisdom – we don’t need the eighth miracle of the world, eighth day of a week, eighth color of rainbow, if we hardly can keep them in our memory?

Eight – consists of seven plus one and means something unnecessary, and we should still investigate whether it’s good or bad, may be this is prosperity, or may be this is some trouble.

Nine – a number of wisdom, as a woman’s pregnancy lasts for 9 months and as a result a baby is born, whom you can compare with a long-awaited idea. A group of 9 persons can discuss an idea and find one wise decision, and bigger quantity of people turns every discussion into row and needs a guide, directing a meeting.

Numbers, exceeding nine, we treat like “many”, and they lose their bright notional meaning for us.

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