Top 7 African American Super Models ...

I donโ€™t see many posts on here with this type of stuff, so I figure that it is about time someone puts something up here. I donโ€™t like to zone out one race, but I want to start creating blogs like this. Perhaps next week I can do top Arab supermodels. Right now, I am going to tell you the top 7 African American super models. I know there are thousands of beautiful super models out there and it is going to be hard to pick only 7, so bear with me on this one.

7. Beverly Peele

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Beverly Peele managed to show her face on over two hundred and fifty magazine covers during her career. This was during the 1980โ€™s and 1990โ€™s, when models were more glamorous than actresses in Hollywood. She was features in ads by Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren and Versace. She also showed up in music videos for George Michaels โ€œToo Funkyโ€ video and Heavy D & The Boyz. She spoke on the Tyra Banks show to warm the girls about the pitfalls and dark side of modelling.

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