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Tony Bennett Night at 'American Idol' ...

By bumpshack

Front runners LaKisha Jones,** Melinda Doolittle** and Jordin Sparks continue to be just that on American Idol. Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson **were impressive as far as the guys go. Probably the contestant in the most danger tomorrow night will be **Haley Scarnato or Phil Stacey.

Blake Lewis- B+ I am not a big Blake fan but I thought he did a pretty good job with the swing classic ‘Mack the Knife’. I thought he had his best fashion style for week. I still believe Blake is the perfect match for Seacrest.

Phil Stacey- A- I am not much of a Phil Stacey fan either but these songs are right up his alley. He did a very impressive job although Randy and Simon seemed to disagree.

Melinda Doolittle- A+ Dr. Doolittle continues to shine and be my favorite. She sang ‘I Got Rhythm’ and Melinda definitely does indeed have rhythm. She is going to be hard to beat.

Chris Richardson- C+ Homeboy Timberlake was a let down this week. I thought he was under appreciated up until this point but tonight he seemed to be over appreciated by the judges in my opinion. I didn’t find it to be horrible but Chris has had better performances.

Jordin Sparks- B+ She is the young prodigy that could shock the world and win American Idol. She reminds me of a young Muhammad Ali (not sure where that came from). They say she is 17 but I think she has a forged birth certificate. She is light years ahead of any 17-year-old I have dated. Her performance was very strong tonight.

Gina Glocksen- D- What the heck was Gina thinking? I think ‘Smile’ is one of my least favorite songs in the world. She tries to be all urban alternative and she came out singing a song by Charlie Chaplin that Michael Jackson covered on HIStory. The tongue ring has to go. Although the rest of her makeover was an upgrade.

Sanjaya Malakar- B- LOL, I am glad I type this as I am watching AI. The pencil thin mustache and white suit about made me fall off the sofa laughing. Not a bad performance by Hairjaya. I found his vocals to be pretty good, he danced with Paula and he pimped a white suit….what could be better than that? He also got a hair cut and straightening job.

Haley Scarnato- B** She is either really good or really bad. Tonight she is pretty freaking good. She is good with a cheesy Disney song or classical song. Everything was good about her performance except her green dress which did everything to highlight all that is wrong with her figure…..which isn’t much. **

LaKisha Jones- A+ It is a good thing KiKi doesn’t look like Antonella Barba or Haley Scarnato because if she did they would have to cancel the rest of the show. It would be that big of a blowout. It is almost like she is making love to the microphone when she sings. Her stylist deserves a raise as she continues to look more and more the part of a sexy diva each week.

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