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Drew Barrymore Named People Magazines Most Beautiful Girl

By Jen

Covergirl Drew Barrymore will grace the cover of People magazine's upcoming 2007 Beautiful People issue. Here's some highlights from the interview:

**When do you feel most beautiful?
**Right after I’ve worked out and I’m sweating all over the place and my face is two different colors of white and red and my hair is half wet, half dry and I look like I’m about to have a heart attack. I feel like I’ve changed the shape of my body temporarily into something more flexible and strong.

When do you feel least beautiful?
When someone makes a really snap judgment. It just feels below the belt. . . . You just feel kind of corroded and gross inside. I think that ends up reflecting on the way your face looks.

**You love the natural look, but do you also love getting glam?
**We as girls have that Cinderella fantasy of dress-up. So whenever you get the opportunity to have people make your face up and do your hair and put you in an outfit, it’s a fantasy. And it’s just so much fun and such a luxury.

**How did your relationship with your looks change when you turned 30?
**For some reason, since I turned 30 this little crew comes in the middle of the night and they sew little sausages under my eyes! I found some great new eye patches that are so awesome. They’re by Talika. They just take away the puffiness. You put them on for 20 minutes and they’re genius.

Source: Hollyscoop

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