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To Shuttle or Not to Shuttle..that is the Questions?

By Miss

What is the answer? As I previously posted, transportation has been a big issue for FI and I. We have the bridal party/our transportation/and our parents transportation figured out, however its trying to figure out the "other" guests that the issue arrises.

Do we really need to pay $650 (the cheapest price we have found so far) for a large shuttle to transport guests from there hotel, to georgetown back to the reception. At first I thought YES of COURSE we do, but then I started to think. The hotels where we are looking to do a block of rooms at ( there are 3 seperate hotels) are ALL a mile or less from the church and all about 1-2 BLOCKS from the reception site. Now it's not like we are having our wedding/reception in the middle of nowhere, we are in the middle of a large city, where taxis are abundent and for the short ride, not that expensive! Also, there is some parking in the georgetown area, and our reception site has an underground parking garage available to guests.

The picture I posted above is of a DC Trolley, I thought would be a "cute" idea, but so far it seems like it cant be achieved for less than 1500---for 40 people....although a cute idea, I don't think its worth it for us.

Personally, I think this is a way for us to save some money-what do other DC brides think? With the abundance of transportation in the city do you find it necessary to shuttle your guests?

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