Does a Wine's Score Matter?

Wine is a super subjective drink; to one person a merlot may taste harsh and to another it could be full of flavor. That being said, I do take into account a wine's score when choosing what wine to purchase. Created in the 1970s by wine critic Robert Parker, the 100 point American wine rating system is widely used by wine magazines to rank a wine's overall taste, appearance, and aroma. Wine merchants often use a wine's score to sell certain bottles.

But what happens when the wine's are mislabeled? A recent study conducted by the Washington Post food section concluded that 6 percent of the signs showing a wine's score were incorrect. The Post states:

The vintage available was usually unrated or had received a lower score, though there were occasions when the actual wine displayed had received a higher rating.

Wine Spectator acknowledges these errors as a nuisance, but have no solution to stop the false advertising. This makes me question the system's credibility and in the future I may not pay as much attention to the rating. What do you guys think? Does a wine's score matter?

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Does a Wine's Score Matter?

Absolutely, a wine's score is very important.

No way, I never judge a wine based on its score.

I don't drink wine.


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