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Do You Care if Your Meat or Milk Comes from Cloned Animals

By yumsugar

This weekend the Washington Post reported that the Food and Drug Administration is close to approving meat and milk from cloned farm animals and offspring. If they approve it, it means that the products made from these animals will start showing up on your store shelves.

Reports from New Zealand and Australia both conclude that the meat and milk from cloned animals are safe. Reports from Canada, Argentina and the EU will reportedly do the same.

If the FDA does approve the sale of cloned animal products, it should be noted that they will not require labels. However before you start panicking, two of the largest US animal cloners, ViaGen and Trans Ova Genetics of Sioux Center, have announced that they will voluntarily segregate their clones from their other livestock. This move could allow some folks to label their products as "clone free."

Oh and I should also note that the USDA will not allow cloned meat to be deemed organic.

So what do you think of this cloned meat business? Are you worried about eating it?

Do You Care if Your Meat or Milk Comes From Cloned Animals?

Nope, if the FDA says it's okay, I'm sure it's okay.

I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Definitely, animals were not meant to be cloned!

Other - I'll give you my opinion in the comments.

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