7 Tips to Care for Wool Clothing ...

I personally love wool, but it's not easy to care for wool clothing. Natural fibres are, nine times out of ten, a lot more desirable than the man-made equivalents. Cotton, silk and wool look and feel better than nylons and polyesters, and they wear better in the long-run too. However, these textiles are not quite as hassle-free as their synthetic counterparts. Wool especially requires a little attention; if you are keen to keep your winter garments in great shape and to extend their shelf-life as well, read on. I’ve done some research and put together this list of 7 Tips to Care for Wool Clothing.

1. Don’t over Dry Clean Your Wool Clothing

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Photo Credit: Mod Betty / RetroRoadmap.com

Authentic wool garments – especially finer knits like cashmere – don’t come cheap. Keen to make sure their knitted purchase is a good investment and lasts a long time, many people take their wools to the dry cleaners after every wearing: the logic here is simply that the professionals will give your garments better treatment than you could at home. However, the opposite is true: excessive dry cleaning shortens the life of your woollen item.

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