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7 Times It Might Be Okay for Men to Wear Dresses ...

By Neecey

Are there any times it might be okay for men to wear dresses? Even the most liberal of women find the idea of man in a dress a tad odd. Sure, we are used to drag queens and cross dressers but what about guys who don a skirt or frock every day? I found out that skirts designed for men are MUGs – male unbifurcated garments -- and here are some times when it be okay for men to wear dresses.

1 Fustanella

Beware Greeks wearing dresses. Greek presidential guards known as Evzones wear traditional costume consisting of a white-sleeved white shirt, an embroidered waistcoat, a sash, a fustanella which is a skirt with 400 pleats, representing the 400 years of Turkish oppression finished off with pompom trimmed shoes. When it involves history and a place of honor, it's definitely one time it might be okay for men to wear dresses.

2 Djellaba

Originating in the Mahgreb region of North Africa, a Djellaba is a traditional outer robe. Most have a peaked hood and originally the colour you wore symbolized your marital status. This is different from the traditional dress garment that is worn by Arabs, which is known as a Thawb


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3 So Wrong, Sarong

It is not unusual for the men of Indonesia, Polynesia and some South Eastern Countries to wear sarongs, although many of them are now only brought out for religious occasions. However, when the most famous soccer player of our time wears one, does it hamper or hinder it and his image? Check out the infamous David Beckham sarong that caused so much press interest, and decide whether or not that's one time it might be okay for men to wear dresses.

4 The Scottish One

Even though they’ve been wearing them for hundred of years, let’s face it -- the kilt is still a skirt. Mind you, there’s something to be said when it’s covering the nether regions of Sean Connery. Still, it really is a skirt -- just a richly cultural and historical one!

5 The Height of Fashion

If you ask great fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier – he of Madonna pointy boobs fame – when the time might be okay for men to wear dresses, he'd probably say any time! He is very fond of the skirt. Even his wax dummy at Madame Tussaud’s wears a kilt. Check it out on a search engine or on the Tussaud’s site.

6 Trust It to Be in Japan

Always at the forefront of the weird and wonderful, Japanese men love skirts and dresses and they aren’t gay or drag queens or under the influence of some fetish. I tried to find the website of Zooee Corp., the fashion retailer responsible for introducing Chanel and Westwood skirts to the trendy young males of Tokyo but couldn’t. You might have better luck, and it's definitely worth a look.

7 When You Can Get Away with Anything

Mel Gibson in Braveheart, Russell Crowe in Gladiator, Brad Pitt as Achilles, Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie even Patrick Swayzee in Too Wong Foo – is it the money, the fame or just the chance to slip on a skirt? You have to imagine they might be comfortable. Besides, if a man can get away with it, why not?

Of course there are others – the clergy who wear robes because of their job, Monks because, erm, well, because they do, West and East African tribal traditional dress, the Hawaiian grass skirt – these are all legitimate skirt wearing opportunities. There are also tons of websites dedicated to men who love skirts, suggesting there are always times it might be okay for men to wear dresses and skirts. Are you worried you may have to lock your clothes away from the men in your life?

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