Thieves Ring up $12,000 on Teri Hatcher's ATM Card

Actress Teri Hatcher was left shocked and stunned when thieves stole her ATM card. The Desperate Housewives star thought she had lost the cash card, but when she reported the missing plastic to her bank she was informed a happy thief had been ringing up a fortune on it.

She explains, “I called to cancel it and was actually stolen… I don’t use it much, so they had rung up $12,000. They did 90 different transactions and I know that because for every single fraud thing you have to sign out (sic) a whole slip that says, ‘No, I wasn’t at Joe’s Diner, spending $20 on chili.’

“There were a lot of trips to Albertsons (grocery store) in the Valley (Los Angeles), Vons, Longs Drugs, lots of little purchases. I think that’s probably how they get away with it.

“It dawned on me as I was doing this that in 90 times of them giving the card, nobody ever went, ‘Teri Hatcher…’ I was really kinda freaked out that that could happen.”

But the theft has left a positive impact on the actress’ life it has prompted her to get more organized so she’ll realize the next time a card goes missing. She adds, “I’m cleaning everything to get more organized.”


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