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hey y'all! so the other night after leaving an advance screening of **there will be blood** (the film opens in theaters this wednesday december 26th) i felt a little sick to my stomach and i held the notion that i really despised the film - yet it's always the movies that either produce a super strong negative or positive reaction that stay with you long after you see 'em! for some reason i cannot get the film out of my head (i even dreamed about it that night - no joke!) it's certainly not a date movie - or for the average happy go lucky moviegoer (i'd tell my dear mom to skip this one...) but if you've wanted to see the film or you're a big film buff - i would highly recommend seeing this flick - although it's a tough one to sit through at a running time of about two hours & forty minutes but i can't stress enough how amazing daniel day-lewis' performance is - unfortunately there's nothing likable at all when it comes to his character daniel plainview who was an oil baron in the early 1900's (hell - you certainly wouldn't have caught me drilling for oil back then - talk about dangerous work...yikes!) who comes into contact with a california town (with a shitload of oil under the soil) held together by an over zealous and young preacher played by paul dano - of course religion & oil collide - both bad industries (in their past & present formats) if you ask me!

mr. day-lewis completely transformed himself into this basically super vile & greedy person who ends up on a downward spiral as he becomes more powerful & wealthy - surely he'll be nominated for a best actor oscar - he really was that good! i've also got to mention the score for the film provided by radiohead guitarist jonny greenwood which was fairly bare & stark but added such a chilling element to the film - i'm not one to buy scores but i think i need to pick this one up! finally kudos to writer & director pt anderson - it's definitely a far cry from the pop filled fun of boogie nights or magnolia (i don't even care to mention punch drunk love which i hated and didn't stay with me at all) yet mr. anderson handled the material with a strong vision - it's a very well crafted film and looks gorgeous - i just think it's a tough pill to swallow! the story was loosely based on upton sinclair's 1927 novel oil! which i'm actually curious to read now after seeing the film! i know this one won't be a blockbuster smash at the box office but i know it'll be rewarded with heaps of awards & accolades! popbytes over & out for tonight - i will be around tomorrow - unfortunately i have to go to work but hopefully i'll be allowed to leave early so i can get my christmas eve on! much love to all as always...xxoo!

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