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I give you all the gift of fashion daily (aren’t I kind) but I never actually give you gifts. I wish I could give all of my readers something but I don’t have that kind of scratch. So I want you all to bring out your cat claws and fight. Fight for the title of the "The Second Most Fashionable Kitten Around."- me being the first!

We all have a signature style (yes even you!). I know I do, it’s ever changing but I do. Right now its shorts, Hello Kitty, anything Marc Jacobs, designer jeans, non “it” bags, interesting jewelry… You get the picture. No, you don’t? Well here is an actual picture (click here to see more of my favorite things)…

I want to see your signature style. How do we do this without Brad Pitt and the fight club? We use ThisNext, that’s how. Go shopping/ browsing online as you usually do and add your favorites to ThisNext and tag them “AFK” (that’s for Ask Fashion Kitty). I will spy them out and crown the "Second Most Fashionable Kitten" title!

This title will earn you…

• Abad ass bird cuff from Filthy Gorgeous• A vintage domino necklace from Filthy Gorgeous• And a GUEST SPOT on my blog- Meaning you will get to write a blogpost on Ask Fashion Kitty!!!!!!
Stop sitting around and enter, you only have until Feb. 14th!!!!!!

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