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They Could Have Been Contenders ...

By Bag

I'm going against the tide here, because I did like Jennifer Hudson's Oscar de la Renta dress. I also liked the little python bolero...just not together. I think, if she wanted to cover up a bit on the carpet she should have gone for over the top glam and done something in fur. This jacket was way too casual, and a poor proportion for her figure. And the pockets...women don't need pockets on gowns, that's what handbags and entourages are for. But she is gorgeous, and I loved how genuine she was on stage.

This too is a pretty gown, but I just feel like I've seen it a hundred times before. J-Lo wearing a Grecian or negligee looking gown with a retro coif on the red carpet is among the things in life that are constant, and it is often a Marchesa gown (initially I saw this gown credited to Marchesa, and later to Dior...I think Marc Anthony is wearing Dior, hence the confusion) . I would really like to see her switch it up a bit. I also see this dress causing "bump" alerts.
That said, she looks very pretty, and the dress itself is exquisitely detailed.

Jennifer Biel was another Oscar de la Renta dress hit that missed the mark. The dress is a beautiful color, and has a great simple line, it just didn't look well on her, and accentuated her poor posture. It's proof that even women with great figures can't wear everything. Note to girls with a tush: don't wear dresses that have any extra fabric in back. Note to girls with a bigger bust: make sure you don't fill out a drapey top too much.
Dress aside, her hair looked messy, and was a very odd color

Portia de Rossi's Zac Posen is much nicer than the one Gwyneth Paltrow wore, but she didn't do it justice. She too bony, and it really just hung there like too much fabric, which was a shame. I did love the choice of navy with her cool coloring...but I was distracted trying to count her ribs.

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