The Keinu Rocker: Classic Idea, Modern Design ...

In terms of comfort for both the parent and the baby there is still nothing that beats a good rocking chair. I love them and I'm still not entirely convinced that it's more for calming the parent down, which of course calms the baby down. Babies are sponges that way; the calmer I am the better they respond. The only issue with rocking chairs is that I have a fairly modern look in my apartment and I don't want to put in a chair that looks like it was made by the Amish. Not that I have anything against the Amish style, but the classical design just looks out of place because of my other pieces of furniture. With the Keinu was love at first sight. It fits right in with the rest of my furniture, comes in a variety of colors, and simply looks great. The $4,000 price tag is hard to stomach, but with the amount of time one spends in a rocking chair when there are young kids in the house it may not be out of the question for some. Plus, I just like rocking chairs. This is something that I'll find useful even after the kids are grown up. [...]

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