The Dreaded Creative Dry Spell


>> I've been going through a fashion photography dry spell. Everything started to look the same month after month, the clothes were all running together -- even in the more artistically liberated magazines, I was getting disappointed. Maybe I was burned out, I'm not sure what -- all I know is that this creative block, it happens to the best of us.

But I'm happy to say that I'm finding shots that I like once again, and it really gives me a sense of relief. Steven Meisel's photostory "Le Modele Di Vogue," for Vogue Italia June 2007, helped bring me back to the light. It's sad that even for Meisel, and even in this photostory, his work is still running a bit together, from one editorial to the next. The editorial features covergirl Adina Fohlin, as well as Bridget Hall, Georgina Grenville, Hana Soukupova, Malgosia, and Rie Rasmussen. And, so, in homage to The Sartorialist, I'll point out in a very abbreviated way what caught my eye in each photo. (The rest of the editorial can be seen here and here.)

1st Row, L: That emotion! R: Those eyes!

2nd Row, L: That coat, the proportion! R: That shadow!

3rd Row, L: That pose! R: The colors, the proportion!

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