The Backup Babe


The Backup Babe
The Backup Babe

I’ve taken interest in observing a close friend recently. Almost every weekend she becomes anxious in anticipation that she’ll get that phone call from this guy she’s been dating — the call rarely comes and when it does, it’s obvious it’s a last minute decision on his part.

From the outside looking in, it’s more then obvious that she’s the Backup Babe! By that I mean she’s the one he will call when he can’t score tickets to a game with his buds, when his hunter friends are hanging up their bows for the weekend or when, I dare say, someone better hasn’t come along.

When I was knee deep in the dating scene, I had several rules I adhered to, regardless of how boring my weekend might be for sticking to them, but one of those rules was — If he wasn’t considerate enough to make plans by Wednesday, I would make plans without him. I didn’t care if those plans meant staying in, watching old movie classics and doing a three hour conditioning treatment on my hair - I HAD Other Plans!

Am I the only one that’s old-fashioned enough to think that plans for the weekend should be made in advance?

What are your thoughts on planning a date? Ever felt like the backup babe and if so, what did you do about it?

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