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T2B a-List Etro Check Shirt Dress ...

By Sasha

I know that a number of **T2B** readers are waiting for me to unveil Aileen’s look but I thought I’d take a breather and tell you something about what I’ve realised quite recently. Humour me.

To begin, I’ve been noticing a lot of dresses becoming available lately and this one is no different. Sorting through the collections over at **Neiman Marcus**, I found this ultra-fab dress from Etro dubbed as the Check Shirt Dress. I immediately was drawn to it.

Do I have to repeat myself and express my love for dresses? Okay. I do. I love them. That’s probably why if you’ll notice that most of the ones I picked to be part of the **T2B A-List** are dresses.

Anyway, I reckon there’s a rising preference for shirt dresses. What do you think? Do you agree with me? Well, it’s just an observation since, apart from what I’ve noticed online, I’ve been seeing a growing number of women sporting the outfit. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I’ve nothing against it, in fact, I’d support and add onto its popularity by buying a piece or two (depends on whether I’d find a decent price on one! Call me stingy. Heh.). It’s a great idea for an outfit this summer!

Meanwhile, I reckon that this one would do me good in the selection process. I’ll be using it as a source of comparison. What about you?

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