Standard Style - Shop for Superior Designs


Standard Style - Shop for Superior Designs
Standard Style - Shop for Superior Designs

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Standard Style .com is another designer fashion boutique, but really we can’t have enough good authentic designer online shops! Really! It’s another site for hard-to-finds and hope-for-sales — all authentic. With brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor, Diane von Furstenburg and McQ by Alexander McQueen, the shop offers women’s & men’s apparel; jeans; bags, shoes & accessories and even baby fashions as well as beauty products; entertainment media and more.

The menu can seem a little tricky, use the left-hand side for general categories and designers, and the top left drop downs for sub-categories (like bags inside accessories) and - again - designers.

As for customer service, I shot out a question to their marketing address and received a response extremely quickly. Anyone else who deals with inquiries or problems, please comment about your experience!

The browsing and shopping features themselves are pretty good, with multiple angle and sized photos, go-with suggestions, size charts and wish lists. All the good “standards”.

There are also content features, like a “style lab” magazine, and “paparazzi” shots highlighting fashions being sold on the site! Very handy. I can even see this store someday getting really on-level with consumers and starting their own on-site blog

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