CQ Predicts What Liz Hurley Will Wear to Her Wedding Tomorrow


CQ Predicts What Liz Hurley Will Wear to Her Wedding Tomorrow
CQ Predicts What Liz Hurley Will Wear to Her Wedding Tomorrow

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We're just one day away from one of the biggest celebrity weddings of the year. Yep, tomorrow is the day when Liz Hurley and her billionaire boyfriend, Arun Nayer, will tie the knot in an Indian-themed, Gosford Park-inspired wedding. But preparations haven't all been a bed of roses, with reports that local residents of the small town of Cotswold, where the couple will hold their lavish wedding, are peeved off with police imposed traffic restrictions in the area. Never mind, I'm sure there is much more important things on Liz's mind at the moment such as making sure details regarding the all-important wedding dress aren't leaked. Whoops, that's already happened...

... It was revealed today, that a large item which looked suspiciously like the bride's gown with the Versace logo stamped all over it, was accidentally carried out by her assistants in front of the paparazzi. A Versace design for Liz Hurley's wedding gown.. who would have thought? No real surprises there. Although, the once reported 13 wedding dresses has now been scaled down to just two for the dual ceremony. After all, how many wedding dresses does one gal need?

So, what are we expecting she'll front up in? Well, considering it is an Indian/Gosford Park 1940s theme (whatever that means) my guess is it will be something simple yet stunning. It may have a one shoulder neck line in a saree style similar to the gowns above from Versace's 2006 Fall collection. Or if she is taking direct inspiration from Versace's latest collection in Milan (where she sat perched in the front row) then this strapless [pictured right] flowing baby doll gown with woven waistband could be the winner. It would provide the large skirt, instead of a slim-line skirt that many brides tend to opt for. There may also be a bit of beading or detail to reflect the '40s theme and we could see a lot of jewellery as is common with Indian weddings.

Or, she could surprise us all and actually go the full traditional Indian wedding garb including head dress, printed saree and henna tattoos... Versace designed of course! We await with bated breath. But no matter what Hurley chooses, let's just hope that newly-blonde Posh Spice who is attending as a guest, doesn't try to upstage the bride as she did at Tom and Katie's wedding.

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