Get 'in' with Tube Fashion


Get 'in' with Tube Fashion
Get 'in' with Tube Fashion

The London Underground, or Tube as it's more commonly known, is apparently the perfect place to spot the best and worst in fashion. After all, where else would you find people from all walks of life crammed, often way too closely, in one place? It doesn't matter if you're living the high or low life, everyone needs to get around, and in London the Tube is generally the easiest way to get from A to B. Popular London blog, Going Underground, features a weekly post, 'Tube Fashion Victims' (TFV) including snaps of passengers who they think "could be considered as suspects for a fashion police line up."

Look out or you too could soon be hunted down by the Tube fashion police and end up on their Flickr account of TFVs! On a more charitable note, it seems that the old Oyster travel card could become the next major fashion accessory - don't laugh, it recently worked for the old shopping bag!

A group of designers and artists including Katharine Hamnett, Maharishi and Gharani Strok have put their talents towards helping Oxfam. They have designed a limited collection of Oyster card wallets for the charity's 'I'm In' campaign. There is also a butterfly design by Frostfrench, the label owned by Sadie Frost and Jemima French. The £4.99 wallets are available to buy online atOxfam's eBay store and will be given away as freebies for those whosign up to the 'I'm In' campaign - a movement to combat poverty. Keep an eye out for the Oxfam 'I'm In' street teams who will be hitting the streets from Monday 26th March.

For more charitable news, visit our sister blog Hippy Shopper...

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