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Oscar Fashions... for Your Dog

By Kimberley

Forgive me right now for posting this... I have no excuses except to say that it's sure to give you a laugh. Straight from the world of 'What The F**K?', Little Lily, a company which designs those embarrassing little outfits for little dogs has launched a collection based on what the stars wore at this year's Oscars. Yes, someone in their wisdom has actually sat down and imitated what was on the red-carpet in tiny dog form then decided to sell it. But who would actually buy it? Well considering it's the same company that sells the Paris Hilton line of dog clothing, I'm pretty sure you can guess who the target market is... Keep reading - you have to see it to believe it!

Just like Jennifer Lopez's red carpet gown, your dog can now wear its own Oscars Marchesa-inspired frock. It comes with jewel embellishment - simply stunning!

Nicole Kidman's bright red Balenciaga gown was my favourite of the Oscars fashion and now your pampered pooch can wear the same - over-sized bow included!

Reese Witherspoon's gorgeous Nina Ricci dress topped our best dressed list and the crazy folks over at Little Lilyhaven't forgotten it. Now your little four-legged friend can look just as good as Reese in this navy satin number.

Other red carpet copies are "The Penelope" inspired by Penelope Cruz's Versace gown and even "The Leo" - a dog copy of Leonardo DiCaprio's tuxedo. If any of these tickle your fancy and why would they? I mean wouldn't they? Then email for more information on how to purchase. All I can say is I pity the poor pooch that is forced to wear one of these... surely this is deemed cruelty to animals.

Celebrity images courtesy of Getty Images.

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