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Can David Beckham Make American Athletes More Fashionable?

By Jonathon

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Despite all the help I've given you in sprucing up your pad for the Final Four, the truth is, you sporting types aren't the most fashionable people on the planet. In fact, rumor has it that most of you dress in the dark. Everyday. But thanks to the recent arrival of international soccer star and fashion icon, David Beckham, maybe you'll be upping your game, and dressing with a little forethought.

Because let's face it, at the moment, things look bad. Wendell Brown, the editor of Esquire magazine told Reuters that you atheletes are "desperately" in need of fashion advice, and Adam Raporport, the style editor at GQ, says "I don't think anyone's stepped up to the plate since Jordan retired and I think they could use one." In fact, the NBA had to institute an off-court dresscode your wardrobes had fallen into such disrepair.

But I don't want to be too hard on you. Most of you are pretty big guys, and -- as a tall man myself -- I can only imagine that it's difficult to find good-looking clothing in your size. I understand that Mr. Beckham plays soccer, and thus, is smaller, and a better size for the Dolce and Gabbana, Versace and Prada clothing that he wears. That being said, you make in a week what I make in a year, so you have more options.

I encourage you to look into them.

(PS: No matter how you dress, I'll still think you're awesome.)
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