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Off to do My Styling Project

By Sasha

In a few hours (I’ll be sleeping first actually), I’ll be tackling my current project as a Stylist. I’ve scheduled a shopping appointment with my, er, client (who will remain a secret for now) later today.

Priorities are: THE DRESS! the Shoes, if necessary, and a few accessories to go with the entire look. Thinking about it makes me feel giddy. I reckon I’m more excited about this than she is!

She told me that she likes to keep everything simple. She’s used to keeping a simple wardrobe. I can understand that, however, I did warn her that I will try to make a fashionista out of her yet!

She’ll be attending a somewhat formal event, which she needs to really prepare for since she’ll be one of the hosts. It’s a far cry from the stuffy corporate events that she’s so used to attending and as a speaker, nonetheless! So, this will be a refreshing change. I wouldn’t be surprised if a whole lot more men would line up to her doorstep after they see the upgraded woman. Oh, yes. She’s still single and fabulous!

P.S. I still need to ask her if I can feature her here.

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