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Campaign to save Manor Garden Allotments

By Louise

On the 2nd of April, a group of allotment holders in London will be officially evicted to make way for the Olympic development.

The land was given to its tenants 100 years ago be used for gardening in perpetuity, but the London Development Agency wants to demolish them and use the land for a footpath during the Olympics, moving the allotment holders elsewhere. The gardeners are happy to give up their allotments while the Olympics take place, but claim that the plots could easily be incorporated into the development and do not need to be destroyed. They continue to fight to preserve their allotments, and have set up a website documenting their campaign.

The allotment holders are throwing a Spring Party on the 1st of April in support of their campaign - full details are available on their site.

You can also show your support by signing the petition asking for the allotments to be incorporated into the 2012 Olympic site.

The LDA didn't turn up to its last scheduled meeting with tenants, but it seems that with a little imagination and planning, these plots could continue to feed their gardeners for another 100 years...

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