Size Matters

Actual size of YSL Downtown Mini

We're annoyed with monstrously large bags that sleep parties of 5 but what about the opposite end of the spectrum? Baby bags so tiny that only monopoly money will fit inside are just as useless. Our Guest Editor, the Bag Wh*@# (Real life fashion editor of one of our favorite magazines!), reports:

The other day, I almost took a tinkle in my La Perla's because of something I saw. The Downtown patent YSL bag is being produced in mini your pocket-sized Olsen-esque friend or spoiled toddler can carry her very own. I don't think they were thinking of MK and Ashley but whoever is under five feet, hates big satchels and wants the fashion can stop complaining because YSL has the bag for you. It's completely sick and wrong -it's only about four dollars less than the mid size or xtra large versions. It turns out that Marc has minis on Mercer too. And you know you can get L'il Louis Speedys and baby Birkins that fit in your palm. What's going on here? Everyone's so....adjustable an accommodating....I'm not sure I like that. The Bag Wh*@# doesn't want to ever be common or pedestrian.

Speaking of strange bags-did you hear that Paris and Nicky Hilton will be gracing a Harper's Bazaar cover shortly? Will that SELL? Who cares other than Samantha Thavasa? I'm sure there will be some stirring and shaking but the Bag Wh*@# is too much of a lady to discuss rumblings in someone's trousers. I guess I'm suppose to know this but who the hell IS Samantha Thavasa? The stuff is neither witty, drop dead gorgeous or chic. They're barking! Get rid of these two. Am I alone here?

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