Salma Hayek when Bad Shoes Happen to Good Dresses

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I'm not going to hate on Salma Hayek because the woman is an absolutely stunning beauty, and the fact that she can maintain her beauty after having a baby is incredible. However, I do have to point out that Salma must have experienced a moment of insanity when getting dressed for the evening. Her dress plays up her, um, "voluptuous" features very well, but who picked out the shoes for her outfit?!?! My guess is her date who paired gleaming white tennies/loafers with a suit.

The shoes themselves aren't totally horrible, though they do exist in that no-woman's-land between dainty strappy sandals and Birkenstocks, and would probably do better either half-hidden under a pair of pants or at the bottom of a pair of long, legs under a much shorter hemline. Salma, why didn't you go with something that wouldn't make her ankles disappear? Why didn't you try one of these?:

Kate Spade "Gwen" Sandal - If Salma wants to keep the look of a sandal with the dress, then the "Gwen" sandal by Kate Spade is a better choice. The shiny black patent leather is dressy for evening, and still has the criss-cross straps. However, unlike the wide criss-cross on the shoes she actually wore, these criss-crosses occur closer to the toes, rather than higher up where the leg is cut-off shorter.
Anne Klein New York "Chynna" Pump** - It's no secret that I love the look of long, pointy toes on shoes. For Salma, this would create the illusion of length on the short portion of her legs that show under her longer hemline. (The shoe also comes in red patent leather, but I'm saving the best for last).
Pura Lopez "L229" Pump** - If you're wearing a black dress, why not have a little fun with shoes, especially for evening? The red satin L229 pump by Pura Lopez picks up the small red accents at the dress's shoulders, and plays it up with ruffles.
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