Interviews Fashion Editor Hadley Freeman ...


Interviews Fashion Editor Hadley Freeman ...
Interviews Fashion Editor Hadley Freeman ...

I’m an avid fan of award winning fashion journalist, Hadley Freeman, she isn’t afraid to say exactly what she thinks and I either find myself in full agreement or total disagreement of her opinions (there’s never a grey area). As Deputy Fashion Editor at The Guardian and contributing editor for British Vogue, Hadley knows fashion like the back of her hand. Her latest book The Meaning of Sunglasses is a brilliant A-Z of fashion and style and she’s also the writer responsible for Victoria Beckham’s book “That extra half an inch“… but we won’t hold that against her!

What did you find most challenging when writing “The Meaning of Sunglasses”? And what was the inspiration behind it?

Probably just having the time as I wrote the whole thing while still doing my full-time job. Basically, I didn’t see any friends for nine months. Which might have been a welcome break for them, come to think of it. The inspiration basically came from these aforementioned friends who suggested I just stick all of my rants into a book form instead of going on about them all the time to them.

If you were given the chance to choose your very own high street/designer collaboration which would it be?

Obviously, it would have to be Kate Moss on her Topshop range, more for the person than the clothes. As for designer, probably Marc Jacobs because I truly believe that if he just spends some time with me he’ll see that we’re made for each other: we’re both Jewish, we like Wes Anderson films and we’re big fans for the oversized button - alliances have been based on much less

Can you describe your first experience of fashion week? What is terrifying or fun?

All I remember about my first fashion week experience is my own bedroom - I think I spent three hours every morning picking out what to wear, having yet failed to grasp the point that everyone would be looking at the models, not the scruffy 22 year old in the eighth row. In all honesty, I don’t think there’s anything terrifying about fashion weeks - it’s just a trade fair and as log as you don’t take it too seriously it’s a bit of a laugh. Come on, you’re just sitting around all day looking at pretty dresses! Lighten up!

**What do you love most about fashion? **

Probably the rarely noted reason that it’s a great business to work in if you’re a woman. What other industry is so dominated by strong women who make no apologies for being female, are never made to feel they have to kowtow to the men and where it is a given that women are allowed to be ambitious? Yes, the physical fascism does grate, but it really isn’t as big a deal as people think. Goodness, have you seen some of us fashion journalists? Speaking for myself, we don’t always look so hot, you know.

Who was your style icon of 2007?

Probably Amy Winehouse, because you have to salute a woman who really makes an effort to carry a look despite clearly being monged out of her head for, well, years.

Which SS08 trend do you hope will go away quietly and which do you want to stick around for a while?

Painted dresses has to be one of dumbest ones for a while. Who wants to look like an easel? And I’m always happy to see more ankle boots - they’re fun to kick about in, quite literally.

Have you ever thought of having your own blog?

Oh my God, no. The world hears enough of my opinions.

Which designer should we be watching in 2008?

Marc Jacobs, to see if he keeps carrying around that Sponge Bob Squarepants trunk that he brought down the Louis Vuitton runway

Favourite book, song and alcoholic beverage?

Mrs Piggle-Wiggle’s Magic, Waiting for a Star to Fall by Boy Meets Girl (the 1988 song which was in that much-neglected classic, Three Men and a Little Lady) and probably a kir royale because it’s sweet, fizzy and hilariously overpriced

What’s your ideal holiday destination when you just need to unwind?

My apartment. If you weren’t stressed before going away, you will be by the time you get there after the hell of travelling, losing your luggage, enduring the embarrassment of looking at your passport photo, etc. The best vacation in the world is to stay home, watch all your DVDs, raid your fridge, and maybe get a sunlamp if you’re going to be high-maintenance about it

Finally, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Never eat from an all you can eat buffet

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