Runway Review Chanel Spring 2008 Handbags ...


Runway Review Chanel Spring 2008 Handbags ...
Runway Review Chanel Spring 2008 Handbags ...

More pictures of the Chanel handbag show in our forum

Those uber-popular quilted Chanel handbags are about to get the heave-ho. The purses strutting down the runway at** Chanel’s Paris show** were a little more heavy metal than town and country chic, with mixed results. Think metallic purses with woven chain handles (loved it); futuristic geometric-shaped clutches; gigantic black satin bow-shaped bags (not my favorite); cowboy boot-esque black embossed bags; stylish metallic clutches with a repeating double C logo print; disco-tastic large sequined totes; and even mini red and yellow patent ankle bags that jokingly played on the house arrest/alcohol detector tags so many starlets are wearing these days. Purists will be relieved to know that there was a black quilted leather on display, although it featured a porthole in the center filled with Chanel logo buttons. Evening bags ran the gamut from mini bows to a white golf ball on a gold chain to sequins galore. The Americana theme fell flat for me, and not all of the purses **impressed, but I predict that the new **metallic handbag will be next season’s it bag.

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I love the chanel bags, and fashion shoes!

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