Accessories De Mademoiselle: the Inspired-by Hermes Birkin Bag ...

September 13, 2007

**Accessories De Mademoiselle: The Inspired-by Hermes Birkin Bag**
pictured above: American Actress Meredith Monroe (best-known for her role as Andie McPhee on Dawson’s Creek) was recently spotted with the Accessories De Mademoiselle Purse.

We here at Bag Bliss understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and not everyone can afford luxury designer handbags like the Hermes Birkin, which will set you back about $8k for just a basic leather version. This is why many designers try their best to produce handbags that imitate the features and characteristics, without crossing the knockoff line into the replica zone. Those bags that are considered inspired-by are, in most occasions, found for a fraction of what the designer bag would cost. This bag for instance is the Hermes-Birkin-inspired bag by Accessories De Mademoiselle (a handbag company out of Tokyo Japan) which can be discovered at yoox carrying a price tag of only $378.

Discover the Accessories De Mademoiselle Inspired-by Hermes Birkin Bag
Price: $378

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