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Ring My Bell ...

By Olga

I have just learned about** the greatest service in the contraceptive field called PillBell** and I just could not but share this news with you all! It seems to be such a simple and yet such a genius idea, it's unbelievable how we lived without this service.

PillBell came up with the great idea of text messaging people when they are scheduled to take their pills, in our case - contraceptive ones. The registration procedure is really easy - just filling in a short form and setting your own schedule for taking the pills. The cost of the service is ridiculously low, just some cents for a text message that will save you time and "effort" in the future.

Out of the 7 girlfriends I polled earlier today ONLY ONE never forgets to take her pills, if needed (although she is a medical student, so her answer might not even be counted :) As for the rest of us - "normal people", it is really hard to keep in mind the fact that you have to pop up a pill at a certain time every single day.

You would think timing might be not that important, unless... we talk about contraceptive pills, people!

I am not a doctor, but I can assure you that that's when every hour counts. If you forget to take the pill - in the best case you will not have all the romance you were going to have or, in the worst case, you will not remember about not taking the pill and in a couple of weeks you will be cursing the contraceptive companies for the lack of promised protection...

So, to avoid this unnecessary "troubleshooting" and "problem solving" just set your Bell up at and start enjoying your life without fear and worrying.

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Picture by **ee seuu**.

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