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O.J. Goes Carrazy

By steph

If you thought O.J. Simpson could not sink any lower- guess again! Rather than hand over his new Lincoln Navigator SUV to compensate Fred Goldman for his son’s murder, O.J. had the car scrapped, The Enquirer has learned exclusively. “O.J. loved that SUV,” an insider told The Enquirer.

“But rather than give anything to Fred, O.J. had it destroyed.” Having the Navigator crush is only one part of O.J.’s war against the families of his murder victims, Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. “He vows they will never get a dime from him,” the source said. Fred Goldman says O.J. used part of that money to purchase the car and the court ordered O.J. to turn it over.

The insider revealed Simpson has also had the titles of his Dodge Durango and Lexus ES 300 signed over to his children to keep the victims’ families from confiscating the vehicles. “The Durango is in his son Justin’s name now, and the Lexus is in his daughter Sydney’s name,’ the insider said. O.J. has also signed over ownership of his Miami home to his daughter Arnelle. And now he’s bragging that no one can take anything from him because “there is literally nothing left in his name.” According to the insider, O.J. told his family and close friends to say the Navigator was parked in the South Beach area of Miami and “mysteriously disappeared.”

(Courtesy of The National Enquirer)

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