Vanessa Hudgens is One to Talk!

Hudgens slams Spears, Lohan for ’stupid’ behaviour

Vanessa Hudgens has come down hard on the “stupid” behaviour of rehab-devotees Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, apparently in denial over the furore sparked by her own nude photo scandal.

“I honestly think it’s stupid,” she told US Weekly when asked what she made of the recent difficulties of her fellow starlets.

“It’s easy to stay out of those situations.”

The comments come as the 18-year-old star finds it not so easy to win back her wholesome Disney image, which was shattered when a portrait of her posing naked for a camera was spuriously leaked on the internet last month.

The image, supposedly meant for High School Musical co-star and real-life boyfriend Zac Efron, showed a full-frontal Hudgens gazing suggestively in what appeared to be her set trailer.

Hudgens was the centre of further publicity amid claims she and Efron had broken up in the wake of the scandal.

But an “anonymous” caller recently tipped off paparazzi that the couple were still on and the pair have since been snapped hanging out together in Los Angeles.

Hudgens attracted attention from unsavoury characters including high profile smut video producer Joe Francis

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