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Paris Loses Her Cool after Being Mocked by Chat Show King Letterman

By steph

Unlike her post-jail interview with Larry King, the king of US chat show David Letterman did not bring out the kid gloves for his interview with heiress Paris Hilton.

Witty Letterman grilled Paris with questions about her stint in jail, and she was soon left uncharacteristically speechless during her guest appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Hilton, who served 23 days in prison for driving on a suspended license, was definitely not amused when she found herself the butt of Letterman’s jokes when she appeared on his show.

Letterman, bombarded her with questions about her time in jail instead of asking her about her new fragrance.

He began by welcoming Paris and asking her, “How did you find your time in jail?”.

He then went on to quiz the Simple Life star on prison food and whether she lost any weight behind bars.

“I’m not answering any more questions about it,” she snapped. “I’m here for my clothing line, my movie and my perfume. I’m not here to talk about that.”

After asking her whether she preferred Los Angeles or New York, the talk show host said: “How did you like jail?” “Not so much,” was the frosty response from the hotel heiress.

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The chat show audience were in stitches as Letterman proceeded to ask Hilton question after question about what it was like being locked up.

Paris claimed she only ate one hard-boiled egg and an orange for breakfast, would skip the baloney sandwich lunch and then eat her dinner alone in her cell. “Dinner was jail-mystery meat. I have no idea what it was but it was pretty bad.”

“It was pretty bad,” she said. “It’s not supposed to be good - it’s jail.”

Letterman continued to mock Paris further by asking how she came to be in prison. He joked, “What is it you did? Do you know what you did?”

He also asked her why pal Nicole Richie had only spent 45 minutes in prison, after driving the wrong way on the freeway high on drugs.

When Paris didn’t reply, he laughed hysterically and shook his head.

The Simple Life star seemed to turn scarlet before exclaiming,

“I’ve moved on with my life so I don’t really want to talk about it anymore.”

Unfortunately for Paris, the quick-witted host had no intention of not talking about it and when a supportive member of the audience shouted ‘I love you, Paris!’, Letterman quipped: “Is that somebody you met in jail?”

Clearly mortified, Paris tried to make him stop by making puppy dog eyes and cried: “Now you’re making me sad I came because you’re hurting my feelings.”

“I’ve moved on with my life,” she said with a forced smile.

“So I don’t really want to talk about it any more.”

But Letterman was insistent, asking her whether she made friends in the clink, and asking if she had received letters about it since.

“I’m going on to the next question,” Hilton snapped back, holding her hand in the air. “I’m over it.

Letterman eventually apologised, but had to fight hard not to mock her further when she began to talk about her up-and-coming new film, Repro! The Genetic Opera, a musical horror movie in which Paris sings.

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