Foster Grant Pair-a-Day Giveaway Day 3!

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Does someone have a case of the Mondays? (Don't you hate it when people say that?)

To start this week off right, let's jump right into Day 3 of the Styledash Pair-a-Day Giveaway of Foster Grant sunglasses! If you weren't paying attention last week -- Styledash is giving away 10 pairs of Foster Grant sunglasses to 10 lucky Styledash reader -- one pair each weekday for 10 days!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment on the post that we'll put up each weekday at this time (Noon PM, EST). We'll pick the winner randomly from the comments each day!

The third pair in the Pair-a-Day Giveaway is the fashionable dark burgundy-framed pair above. These are over-size glasses, so only starlets need apply!

How to play:
1) Leave a comment on this post (it doesn't matter what you say).
2) No duplicates! In other words, you may enter only once per day.
3) You may only win once. If you win, get dolled up, put on your shades, go twirl about town, but don't get greedy about trying to win another pair. How many pairs of sunglasses do you really need?!?! (Don't answer that.)

Today's contest will stay open until noon Monday, when the next pair of shades will be revealed. From then on, each contest will start and end at noon (except for weekends).

Foster Grant ( has been named as one of the top 100 brands by Women's Wear Daily. Retail value of Foster Grant sunglasses is $18-$25.

Full legal-icious rules on the original post....
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