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My Neighbour's Exhibition

By Di

Our neighbour Julia Bartoninvited us to the open day of her exhibition (Flow) on Saturday. She and 3 other artist's have turned 4 ponds below Julia's house into 4 works of art.

I particularly liked this one which copied exactly the homes that are under the man made lake (above) just down the road from our cottage. In the 1980s the lake was created to supply water to parts of Northern England and villages were evacuated and now sit under the lake.

Now when driving down to Kielder Lake it is beautiful but we shouldn't forget just how some of those people must have felt when their homes were literally drowned.

The artist uses Monopoly houses to show the houses that survived and the houses that didn't by placing the unlucky ones just below the waterline.

Tied on trees surrounding the lake are comments made at the time by locals, printed on red ribbons and blank red ribbons are there with white pens to write and hang your own comments on the trees.

All in all a fantastic exhibition and it has its own website.

Juliadesigns and makes fabulous structures mainly for gardens that is some of her work in the top picture. We see some strange things going on outside her studio sometimes, she is a fascinating neighbour to have. Take a look at more of her work here.

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