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REVIEW Sheer Wash by Lorac ...

By Elke

First it started with the look and convenience of BeneFit's BeneTint (the liquid rose colored liquid stain), that started a whole new trend in quick makeup.

Then came, one of my favorites, Sheer Wash by Lorac. Also for lips and cheeks, this newer version was a liquid tint packaged in a roll-on container, not unlike your roll-on deodorant.

Just place a dot on each check and lightly on the lips, blend, and the ingenious packaging leaves you mess free, without the hassles of spilling and breaking.

What's even better is their newest
travel sized Sheer Wash roll-ons.

LORAC Sheer Wash -
Travel Size Sheer Wash
shown in Sheer Luck

For $17, this product will last forever and one of the better items on the market to date.

In Colors:
Sheer Magic
Sheer Emotion
Sheer Luck.

Do like me. Get one of all of them. You'll find yourself just breezing through summer. Need a cool makeup tip to go with it? Apply onto cheeks under your foundation. It will look more like your real skin's blush and will last longer through humid days. Want to bronze it up more? Roll on color onto apples of cheeks. Then take your bronzer and dust over your roll on on the high points of cheekbones. A more modern look and will last all day long.

Source: Lorac
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