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REVIEW Sephora Triple Action Mascara ...

By Elke

Sephora Brand Triple Action Mascara $12.00

As stated on their website,

"Get the best of both worlds - long lush lashes with full volume thickness, and deep rich pigment. Just one swipe of this exclusive, lash plumping formula is all you need for the ultimate in bat-worthy perfection!"

Well, just say the word 'triple' and I'm all over it. Still looking for a fav mascara to add to my list, I thought I'd give Sephora's brand a try, since I usually am pleasantly surprised whenever I try their other Sephora named products.

Well, let's just say this mascara is ok. No major 'one swipe', or 'bat-worthy perfection', sad to say. Just a regular mascara. Darkens nicely, tends to thicken at the base of the lashes more than the ends. and doesn't do much in the thickening, super lengthening category. Also, the super thick brush doesn't seem to get anything on. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice mascara, just don't fall for the wordy hype. And the worse part? Sensitive eyes like mine burned and watered like crazy at the slightest entry into my eyes. Ouch!

Sephora Brand Triple Action Mascara $12.00

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