Review ABBA Shampoo ...


Review ABBA Shampoo ...
Review ABBA Shampoo ...

©2005 ABBA Pure & Natural Hair Care, A division of Colomer U.S.A.

Yep, this little wonder SAVED my hair.

dried out due to no humidity,
hair that was wavy, is now straight, and
used to feel like hair, but now feels like plastic" hair.

Creme-Moist Shampoo
Strengthening Color Care Shampoo
• For color treated or fragile hair
• DEA and Sulfate Free
• Cherry Bark & Sweet Almond Essences
• Calming Aura

Quick Fact:
Crème-Moist® Shampoo has a pH of 5.0, making it safe for sensitive skin.

This shampoo feels so silky, it's like washing your hair with creamed silk. Awwww And it literally brought back the wave into my hair. Didn't destroy my color treated locks and my hair is so smooth, shiny and luscious, it's ready to brave the NYC cold all over again.

It's ingredients include:
Coconut, a nourishing plant based cleanser

Natural Emollients to restore moisture balance
Cherry Bark, Sweet Almond and Berry Essences

Also, their products are always:
• 100% Vegan
• Sulfate Free, DEA Free
• Free of Synthetic Dyes
• Eco-Sensitive Salon Formulas
• Cruelty Free

Ya gotta love that.

Abba's Website
Crème-Moist® Shampoo
Available only in Fine Salons

Next week I'm off to the Mac Pro Store in Soho to renew my Pro Card, a great reason to visit and stock up on goodies. Also, stay tuned for a GREAT drugstore find that got me out of a jam and works WAY better than I thougth it would! And I saved hundreds of dollars in the process.

Till next time!

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