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Reese Witherspoon is a Southern Beauty ...

By popbytes

good evening! there's a new magazine in town called southern beauty and their very first cover girl is ms. reese witherspoon who does originally hail from nashville - i've always enjoyed her work - most notably in election (another must-see film if you haven't seen it already) plus she's always has a knack to get with super hot guys including ex-hubby ryan phillippe and now her current boyfriend jake gyllenhaal (the cutest ever - i love that beard of his - so damn sexy) she is stunningly beautiful and makes for a great first cover! sometimes the south creeps me out a little (hello flowers in the attic - v.c. andrews rocks!) but overall i have very affectionate feelings for all things southern! (especially comfort food including fried chicken & macaroni and cheese!) popbytes over & out for tonight...xxoo!

PS when i saw the beauty tips featured from bobbi brown - my first thought was why is bobby brown talking beauty?!? but then i quickly realized there's both bobbi & bobby brown...

"the pop-cultural impact of modern southern women like julia roberts, faith hill, courteney cox-arquette, ashley judd, jessica simpson and our preview cover model reese witherspoon, has gone far in changing the world's perception of southern women. these strong, stylish women possess an outer beauty that is undeniable, but in our opinion, it's their inner beauty that really makes them shine," said shannon lindsay [founder and publisher of southern beauty], who counts fellow mississippi native oprah winfrey as one of her role models. "oprah is an inspiration to so many women. she is an incredibly smart business woman with poise and self-assurance, but she also knows how to have a good laugh," said lindsay. "and that kind of balance is at the heart of southern beauty."

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