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Dear fabulous readers. Thank you for recommending the Jonathan Carroll web site. I just visited for the first time and found something useful there within moments, which I will repeat here, in brief, and you can visit on your own to read the rest.Outside the Dog Museum Jonathan Carrolllinks §amazon §alibris">">alibris §booksense §google §powells The Jonathan Carroll Web Site | CarrollBlog | September 2005: I used to write fan letters to people whose work I admired. I don't do it nearly as much anymore and that's wrong. It's a very important thing to tell someone what they do genuinely matters to you. Especially artists, who work so much of the time in solitude and receive little feedback other than reviews.Now then. I likely have thirty or forty people I've neglected to write.I used to write to authors and artists all the time, sometimes to people who were largely unknown, and sometimes to people vastly popular. It was often the case that the very popular artists were the best about responding. I wonder at times if there is some correlation in that.Have you written to a writer or artist? And did they respond? Did this change at all the way you perceived the person?Blessings.Listening to “Carlos Fuentes” by Michael Silverblatt from the album KCRW's Bookworm on Tags: author | dogmuseum | fanletter | JonathanCarroll | letter | website. [...]

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