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The Blik INVADER Set Teaches Kids Some Electronic History ...

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I've always enjoyed blik's wall decorations. They go on easy, but more importantly they come off easily as well. It's a fun way to change the feel of the spaces inside your house without having to spend a lot of time and effort. The blik INVADER set put me over the moon when I first saw it. I dumped what must have been the equivalent of a downpayment on a car into Space Invaders growing up and now I can relive those great old graphics on the wall of my kid's room. Luke isn't old enough to be impressed with the more realistic graphics of modern games, so we still have some time to enjoy the classics together before he moves on to more modern fare. Each set comes with 8 decals for $45, but you can also add 3 more aliens for an additional $12.50, and I would suggest that if you have a big area you want to fill up. I think these are great, and since they can be taken off by hand without hours of work, my better half doesn't mind that I decorate the walls with them every now and again. The best of both worlds! [...]

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