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Pop Nosh Jessica Simpson - Preggers??

By popbytes

is jessica simpson pregnant w/ john mayer's baby? the thought of jess w/ a kid is too much to bear

yikes! anna nicole's sister donna hogan wants to take over anna's life! starting with new boobs...

all the recent rehab rumors forced nicole richie to go outside & act like everything is just fine!

is american idol losing steam after six seasons? last night's ratings were lower than FOX expected

howard stern revealed on his radio show today that not only once but 2x he put a gun in his mouth!

sarah jessica parker's little boy is growing up fast - he's already questioning about what's 'gay'

mary-kate olsen is branching out on her own! she will be starring on the next season of 'weeds'...

anyone up for pics of lindsay lohan doing a pole dance at a stripclub (they're from her new movie)

here's britney spears out & about with son sean preston! she doesn't look too bad and he's so cute

check out the three posters for good luck chuck - dane cook looks way hot in his poster - oh daddy

a bearded colin farrell is back - he was hanging at the idol finale! i almost forgot all about him

paris hilton took her long ass legs out shopping - she is still on this whole spiritual book kick!

derek hail is first in line to spank ms. jessica alba who said she likes to challenge authority...

how much does a single kiss cost from sexy george clooney? $350,000 - which all went to a charity!

the brand new white stripes video for their new single 'icky thump'! oh i do love jack & meg white

heidi montag wears a bikini and gets engaged - and guess what? no one fucking cares! she's a loser

take a look at pete doherty before he went all messy messerson on us - he used to be kinda cute...

this is so crazy! some guy over in the UK is all set to eat a dead corgi next week! so gross! ugh!

there's new love in the air - this time between natalie portman & the always adorable andy samberg

what did everyone think about kelly clarkson last night on idol? she looked cute & sounded great!!

paul mccartney dance tonight**what the buck?** on season finales!

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